Reiki Healing by Danya Basu

Reiki, or 'Universal Life Energy', is the spiritual healing energy of the universe. It is metaphysical by nature, and esoteric with respect to normal human cognizance. The Japanese word 'Reiki' can be broken down into two parts - 'Rei', meaning universal, or omnipresent, and, 'Ki', meaning life energy. Thus Reiki literally means Universal Life Energy.

This system of healing was founded and revived in the early 1900s. History has it that Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ and many saints have used the power of healing with the hands. But neither was this recorded anywhere, nor was it in practice anymore. Dr.Mikao Usui received divine enlightenment for the same through an austere meditation atop a very sacred mountain in Japan, and established the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho. Under this system, a Reiki practitioner channelizes healing 'Reiki' energy into an individual from his/her palms, with or without touch.

Reiki is guided by the higher intellect, that is, the divine, and brings relief from any kind of adverse condition(s) that goes against the welfare and wellbeing of an individual, a couple, or a group entity. In bringing relief, Reiki not only heals the painful symptoms, but also heals the root cause(s) of the problem. Such problem could have manifested at the physical level, causing disease, discomfort, pain and dysfunction in the body; at the mental level, causing imbalances that surface as depression, paranoia, phobia, obsession, and any other mental disorder; at the emotional level, causing emotional imbalances, outbursts, and other emotional crises; or at the spiritual level which is the deepest of the four levels of human perception. As such, disharmony at this level usually links back to trauma experienced as a fetus, as an infant, as a child, or even in a previous birth wherein the being has carried forward memories of its past life experience(s) into the present life. Sometimes, a harrowing incident even at a more matured stage in life could have impacted deep enough to cause an imbalance at the spiritual level!

No matter what the problem, its depth or complexity, Reiki works out a unique healing solution that takes care of the energy block, the imbalance, the disease or any other abnormality, as well as all peripheral issues that might have branched from them. Thus, Reiki is a natural holistic energy medicine, safe and gentle for everyone in need of healing, re-energizing and rejuvenation. Being 'life' energy itself, it has no adverse effect on life forms and heals… irrespective of the age, gender, physical, mental and emotional conditions. With no complicated techniques, no painful procedures, instruments or equipments tied to it, Reiki is one of the easiest, simplest and most flexible of alternative energy medicine modalities. And since it does not interfere with therapies, procedures and medications, Reiki can safely be taken along with all ongoing treatments. Moreover, Reiki healing helps reduce negative side effects of other treatments and medications.

Reiki healing significantly enhances and expedites the process of recovery, and boosts the body's immune system. Regular Reiki healing helps cure pain and ailments we suffer from in daily life, reducing both the duration and the intensity, and protecting against many more!

Spiritual development and a stronger intuition are the other benefits of Reiki healing that come along naturally as one progresses along thisi path.

Reiki can be learned from a Reiki guru titled Reiki Master Teacher. The Reiki Master is equipped with very powerful spiritual symbols that act as the gateway to the sacred healing energies existing at very high frequencies. At a Reiki class, the Reiki Master Teacher 'attunes' the student to the special Reiki frequencies. This enables the student to access the higher healing energies with a mental affirmation. After attunement, the student becomes a Reiki Channel, and can channelize Reiki to heal the self and others. An attunement stays active for life and does not ware away with time.

Under the Usui System of Natural Healing, or Usui Shiki Ryoho (in Japanese), the practitioner's power and ability to heal increase progressively through three levels, namely, Reiki First which is meant for beginners, Reiki Second Degree which is meant for those who have practiced as First Degree Channels for over two months, and Reiki Third Degree or Master Teacher Degree which is meant for Reiki Channels who have practiced at the Second Degree level for over two years and wish to take up Reiki teaching as their way of life.

Learning Reiki takes a dedicated two-day course, and stays good for a lifetime. Following the Reiki course, regular practice is necessary to enjoy the healing benefits of Reiki. EVERYONE HAS THE CAPACITY TO CHANNELIZE THE UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY!

At the risk of repeating… Reiki is the same life energy that animates every cell in the body and has been flowing through every living being from the time of its coming into existence as a fetus. Whenever this life energy falls below the healthy level within the physical, mental, emotional or karmic energy of a living being, it goes through suffering. This happens when negative energy gets accumulated from external sources, or, gets generated from within as a result of negative thoughts, words or actions, and blocks the circulation of positive/life energy. What Reiki healing does is that it infuses fresh flow of life energy which either dissipates the negative energy block, or dissolves it into the positive energy field which is much stronger than the negative energy field, thereby restoring the steady circulation of life energy, raising the energy up to the healthy level. Reiki healing thus recharges the recipient with health, harmony and completeness at all levels of consciousness, and in all aspects of life.

On my Reiki journey so far, I have had incredibly amazing experiences healing both people who were near me, and those who were miles away from me in a far away continent. Reiki transcends time and distance; at the metaphysical level, factors of time and distance do not exist!

Recently I sent Reiki to a hospitalized patient with a critical brain infection. While I was in New Jersey, the patient was in India, and A SINGLE PROXY REIKI SESSION of 1 hour and 45 minutes brought about a complete turnaround in the medical conditions. Not only did the person come out of the long bout of high fever, delirium and semi-consciousness, but also started to respond to medicines, sat up and drank soup the very next morning. As always, I felt eternally grateful to Reiki for this miracle!

There are countless amazing stories of Reiki healings that could seem miracles, yet Reiki manifests such healings all the time, spontaneously! …And I am sure that every dedicated Reiki practitioner all over the world has experienced the Reiki blessing!

I am Danya Basu, Reiki Master Teacher and Healing Channel. Reiki is my way of life. I have been fortunate enough to channel healing to the suffering, to relieve diverse problems in life. I have witnessed healing happen at greater depths than I could have imagined! Through the past twelve years of my practice Reiki has amazed me with not only the way it heals ailments, obstacles, disorders and relationships, but also the way it connects individuals, bringing them together for the purpose of healing… at every instance re-establishing, rejuvenating and restoring harmony, health and happiness within as well as all around the recipient and the healing channel!

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Reiki Grace ~ The Power of Positive Healing

With love, light and Reiki! ...

Danya Basu
Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Shiki Ryoho
Registered Healer - INHA
Registered Reiki Practitioner – IARP
Healing Minister - TUL

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