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Danya has been spiritually inclined since her teens, and subsequently became a healing channel. In 2010, she took her Reiki Master Degree in India and thereafter served as a Reiki Master Teacher in the United States. She is grateful to her students and clients in Reiki, Angelic Healing, Abundance Healing and White Light Healing Meditations for her privilege to heal and attune them. Some of their testimonials are on www.healmeditate.com.

Danya's first book, "White Light Meditation - Manifest Your Dreams & Aspirations", channeled by her and subsequently published in 2012, is available globally. It has helped countless people to heal and manifest life through spiritual means, and continues to benefit many more.

Throughout the past decade Danya has had intense spiritual awakening and is intimately aligned with higher beings of divine consciousness - Archangels and Ascended Masters including Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna, The Mother, Sri Chaitanya, and the universal Super-consciousness. They give her intense spiritual awareness through clairsentience and claircognizance wherein knowledge of Spiritual Truth vital to successful material and spiritual existence reaches her in ways beyond normal physical communication through psychic awareness and intuition.

Danya teaches healing and meditation courses for positive transformation, health and wellbeing to aspirants worldwide. Her key courses include Angelic Healing, Abundance Healing with the universal Primal Wave, Adi ParaShakti, and the most powerful White Light Healing Meditation Course that aligns the aspirant to the very Source of creative energies, the universal Super-consciousness, to manifest and experience life exactly the way he/she aspires to live. Danya is naturally aligned to healing vibrations and higher beings through her single-pointed seeking of oneness and self-realization.

You can Email Danya to register for her courses or for other healing or spiritual queries. She personally responds to every email within two to three days.

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