On Hurt Relationships


By Anuj Chugh

Many people are getting badly hurt in relationships nowadays as their trust gets broken.

Their heart is broken as they are betrayed usually by a deserter or a cheater.

So, mainly to them this article of mine, is dedicated :

“If you can put so much of your trust in a deserter or a cheat, just imagine how much trust you can have in yourself... And how much better your life can be than it is now ...”

Many people make it complicated but I guess love is best compared to a fan button - if the other person doesn’t want the fan on, you just switch off the button and move on ahead in your life !

At any given time, God always sends you people who you need to further your own growth and development and/or strengthen your character, polish your personality.

If someone leaves you, blocks you, stops replying to you, stops contacting you then that means that person’s lesson for you in your life story has been learnt and the chapter is over.

For God’s sake, stop pursuing them, stop begging after them, you don’t need them anymore. Now, new people will come and new stories will unfold. Better ones !!

Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to any of us but some humans, including men and women both, think that a human life is an object that can be discarded at any time, at their whim and fancy, that’s where it gets nasty.

And that’s where the beast within me kicks in, and kicks these people right in their butt. She can play others but not me. I know my worth ! When she said become somebody then I’ll be yours. I replied, ‘When I become somebody, I will no longer need you, so goodbye’!

Here, it is important to show some faith in your Creator and take that leap to let go, to move on....

Move on with your life. Better experiences ahead only if you let go.

Believe me. Believe yourself.

For I am that same inner voice speaking to you right now...

It is the same for everyone.

Fact : In India, 8 out of 10 people find it difficult to move on after a break-up.

Let me tell you something. When a girl or a guy dumps you even after you having given your everything, I know it is difficult but the best you should tell them is to ‘fuck-off’ and ‘fuck themselves’. There are three things here:-

  1. ‘Dump’ and ‘dumping’ is a very wrong word people use these days while breaking-up in a relationship. Well, to begin with, you were not garbage that needed to be ‘dumped’ in a garbage-pit.
  2. People who leave so abruptly, without caring about you or even looking back at you even once, were not your ‘lovers’ but ‘players’, to begin with. All the while, they were gaming you. They were only playing with your life for motivations only best known to them. But it is easy to guess :- sex, money, position, ego-boosts by having power over someone, ‘pass time’ or some other benefits... It may have been, All of the above or even a combination of these benefits...
  3. The last and the most important thing to remember, so please pay attention :- “Nobody and I mean nobody has a monopoly on love, in this world. For love is not a business. It is a God’s creation meant for everyone and every one of us has an equal tendency to love and be loved. So please my earnest request, to all guys and gals is :- not to get stuck on any individual and cry incessantly over the moments spent with him/her, cause’ another one is waiting for you, not so far away” :)

I speak from my experience, my intelligence and my general observations about this goddamn, cold-hearted world. Please share because someone might need help. I hope it find its way to anyone who needs real help right now!!

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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