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To open up our minds to new ideas, new challenges and new solutions - to think differently and be creative - well, we could all do with some help in this direction. Trans4mind is dedicated to introducing the best available tools for transformation of body, mind and spirit - to free us of the shackles of the past by reawakening awareness of our true identity in the present. Insights and methods to overcome emotional challenges, acquire needed life skills, and move ahead on the spiritual path.

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We have an Article Library including the writing of Danya Basu and Anuj Chugh.

The Raise Your Vibration resource is something Peter Shepherd (Founder of Trans4mind) put together that is close to his heart. It's a free daily meditation program to help you make the state of unconditional love an integrated part of your life, which is key to lasting joy and fulfillment. Love is all you need!

Another particular interest of Peter is the afterlife dimension. What happens to us, as individuals, after our bodily death? Near-death experiences provide convincing answers. See Is There Life After Death?

In addition, we are home to the incredible services provided by Danya Basu...


Welcome to Danya Basu's Powerful Healing Services, Courses & Spiritual Resources!

Danya Basu has been serving as a spiritual healing channel since the year 2000, channeling Reiki and other powerful healing vibrations to people all over the USA, India and Europe, enabling transformations in their life situations, and manifesting healings that often seem miraculous!

Here are Danya's services. Click each heading for a description...
White Light Healing Meditation Course
Spiritual Counselling Session
Numerology Session
Abundance Healing Course
Angelic Healing Course
Jesus and Archangel Card Reading Service
Reiki Courses
White Light Meditation Book
Healing Sessions
Free Daily White Light Healing
Free Soul Healing & Merging in Divine Light
More Resources
About Danya Basu
Danya Basu
Danya at Facebook

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Trans4mind has been offering a wide range of personal development Tools for Transformation for many years. Our vision is to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet.

“We need our past experience for the learning it offers; we don’t need it to cling on to regrets or blame - that changes nothing.

“We need our future to make plans; we don’t need it to worry about what might happen - that changes nothing.

“Like an artist creating a painting, we put our life together in the present moment.” ~ Peter Shepherd

Biography of Peter Shepherd, Founder of Trans4mind
Read a translation in Urdu by Ahsan Soomro

Awakening of the Human Being by Peter Shepherd
Read a translation in Urdu by Ahsan Soomro

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