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"We are made by love, we are made of love, and we are made for love..."

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Sunetra Basu is an Angel Healing Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, the Founder of Abundance Healing, a Spiritual Counselor, and an intuitive Numerologist. Sunetra is the author of White Light Meditation - Manifest Your Dreams & Aspirations, a book that continues to enable easy meditation for readers all over the world. Sunetra heals, attunes and teaches her courses globally all over the USA, Europe, UK and India.

Beyond the conceivable, beyond light, sound, thoughts - in stillness at the core dwells the universal Source. From here comes infinite healing!

Free White Light Transmissions

White Light Transmission

Sunetra offers FREE White Light Transmissions EVERY FRIDAY at 8.30pm IST (India), 11:00am EST (USA). To sign up please email your full name, location (city and country), the one specific problem you are facing right now that you want to heal/transform, and your recent photograph to reikisunetra@gmail.com.

White Light initiates the requested healing and positive transformation instantly. You will simply need to relax and rest comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed during the 30 minute transmissions.

PLUS Sunetra is offering a personal FREE 30 MINUTE ONE-TO-ONE WHITE LIGHT HEALING TRANSMISSION to everyone enrolling for her Spiritual Guidance Service, Angelic Healing Course, and Numerology Service, so that the energy continues to flow through you and the transformation continues to manifest in your lives. See the links for these services below.

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“My all sincere gratefulness for my experiencing your powerful healing that really made me high with happiness, I have never experienced anything so wonderful! I would like more of this in my life. Thank you.” ~ from Mats in Sweden
“We were outside together in the Sun, and had a beautiful 30 minutes meditation, very focused and relaxed, and we felt so connected through Sunetra to Source, in Oneness. Very much a feeling of serenity. We felt literally illuminated, our energy channels open and flowing, pains and stress disappeared. I feel this demonstrates the benefits that regular White Light Meditation can have - and Sunetra has made the tools for that available to us all.” ~ from Peter in France

White Light Meditation & Healing Course

White Light Transmissionn

Sunetra Basu brings to you the secret to manifesting extraordinary healing! She reveals to you the one secret mantra that sets you free from negative patterns, bonds, traps and conditioning of the mind, caused by fear, insecurity, lack of self-love and inability of self-expression. Misconceptions about one's own truth that give rise to self imposed restrictions, limitations and imaginary handicaps are readily dropped off so the practitioner is aware of his or her inner light, potential and hidden capabilities, and learns how to channel them effectively towards manifesting the life they desire - by initiating necessary self-transformations. She teaches the powerful White Light Meditation for manifestation of positive transformations through her book and as a separate White Light Healing Meditation Course ~ Learn more here...

Book: White Light Meditation

White Light Meditation
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In her book, White Light Meditation (from Amazon.com / Amazon.in) Sunetra teaches a form of meditation that empowers your thoughts, stimulates analytical thinking, magnifies and expresses dormant capabilities, and attracts all necessary resources.

White Light Meditation is unique in that it helps manifest our dreams and aspirations by empowering the thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking, magnifying and expressing dormant capabilities, and attracting the necessary resources from known and unknown directions. Just ten to fifteen minutes of White Light Meditation every day is enough to keep the process of transformation and manifestation consistent.

You can read the Introduction to White Light Meditation now.

Numerology Solutions


Numerology, or the science of numbers, is an ancient tool for unlocking possibilities and opportunities that otherwise mostly stay clouded by adverse circumstances, external oppositions and internal conflicts. Such conditions keep us from opening up to blessings we might have already earned but are probably not aware of.

Numerology works wonders! And as an experienced numerologist I know that even a simple alteration and implementation of the accurate numbers can engineer a critical rewiring of energies in your life that will bring about favorable tides, a complete turnaround of events, and a series of desirable experiences.

Learn more and order your Numerology Solutions from Sunetra...

Spiritual Guidance


When the journey gets weary and the mind is overworked, clearing the weeds of negativity within becomes an urgent necessity so one can stride ahead along a clear, distinct trail leading up to the finishing line.

Sunetra Basu provides personalized spiritual guidance for situations and conditions that hinder success, retard progress and hold you back from that one huge leap into your dream life. Blessed with natural connections with the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and the Divine Light, Sunetra helps you work your way out of the weeds in life, at work, at home, and in your relationships.

Sunetra prescribes specific solutions that heal relationships, repair and rejuvenate the mind and body, and walk you out of the limitations and traps you might have imposed upon yourself knowingly or unknowingly.

Learn more and order your Spiritual Guidance from Sunetra...

Angel Healing Attunements

Angel Healing

Angels are non-denominational divine beings of higher consciosuness. They are sacred healing light eager to help us the moment we call upon them. Sunetra is a gifted Angel Healing Channel and is naturally attuned to the Angelic Realm. She provides Angel Attunements and teaches healing with Angelic Light.

Learn more and order your Angel Healing Attunements from Sunetra...

Jesus and Archangel Card Readings


The Angels provide invaluable advice to every question or situation we present to them. We simply need to take the one pivotal step ...to ASK and ALLOW. Our free will to invite their blessings gives them the permission to intervene and resurrect us. Sunetra Basu channels such solutions and advice from Angelic wisdom through detailed readings. Learn more and order your Jesus and Archangel Card Readings from Sunetra...

Reiki Healing and Training Courses

Reiki Courses

Reiki Training Courses with Sunetra attune and teach you how to heal yourself and others with Reiki. These are available as either dedicated one-on-one online training classes over Skype, or, taught as distance learning programs via email along with additional teacher support via phone and email.

Learn more and order your Reiki Courses from Sunetra...

Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave

Abundance Healing

Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave is an extremely fast, powerful and yet gentle natural healing system with the cosmic wave of creation. Sunetra attunes you to these sacred vibrations and teaches you how to access and channel the Primal Wave to heal yourself and others. It brings relief from chronic conditions and acute ailments, triggers transformations and elevates one's experience of life within weeks of daily self-healing for just 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Learn more and order your Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave from Sunetra...

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions provide real time effective relief from pain, discomfort, disease and stagnation. They initiate deep cleansing of negative energy blockages in the body mind and emotions. The powerful healing vibrations channeled and transmitted by Sunetra - Reiki, White Light and Angelic Lights - instantly repair and rejuvenate the depleted, deficient and diseased body, revive the depressed, stressed or agitated mind, and balance energies across the chakras for mental/emotional harmony and inner peace.

Learn more and order your Healing Sessions from Sunetra...

Healing Chants & Messages

Om Mani Padme Hum

A complete healing mantra that awakens the sleeping Buddha in you. Mantra to invite the benign blessings of Chenrezig, Avalokiteshvara... the Buddha of Compassion. Listen, chant or simply look at the mantra written in Tibetan script to absorb its powerful healing vibes.

Angel Healing Message Channeled by Sunetra Basu: Forgiveness

Forgiveness opens many known and unknown doors to new blessings and opportunities.

Angel Healing Message Channeled by Sunetra Basu: Connect Within

In silence we connect with the Divine within! In silence Inner Wisdom speaks!

Angel Healing Message Channeled by Sunetra Basu: Gratitude

Being grateful enables a huge positive shift in life.

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