White Light Meditation
and Healing Course

A 10 minute Daily Practice to Empower, Transform, and Manifest the Life You Desire To Live

‘White’ is the source of life, of the innumerable manifestations that we experience and desire every day. Usually white, as in white light, is conceived as the union of the seven rainbow colors, and thus holding all energies. But when we talk of White Light Meditation and Healing, we reach out to the ‘white’ that lay beyond energies... white meaning no colors, no attributes or ‘gunas’, and no existence. It is the source point of creation, yet is itself none of it. By ‘white’ we mean nothing. This ‘nothing’ is like a blind spot, that can only be experienced by not experiencing... just as the blind spot is where vision turns into void.


Says White Light Channel Sunetra Basu...

“I teach you the simplest way to take your consciousness to this universal Source, this point of eternity, this void within seconds... beyond all frequencies... where there are no barriers, no limitations, and nothing owes to time, space, individual past or present - where every vibration emerges from. Through my White Light Meditation and Healing Course I will take you there. In fact, you will learn the single word, thought and consciousness that of its own accord brings your cognizance in contact with the void, the Source point of manifestation of all energies both material and spiritual (energies beyond the spectrum of normal human senses).

“In fact, this information is naturally embedded within each of us at our core consciousness, but is in deep slumber. Once this dormant awareness is awakened, once you are consciously aware of the subtle lever, the one thought that is self-programmed to instantly reveal the void, the Source of creation, you will have realized and gained access to the ultimate power of manifestation, the secret to manifesting the life you desire. It is the ‘never so simply revealed’ little secret that even many volumes of scriptures and codes, and libraries of spiritual texts do not talk about. Upon self-realization of higher Truth, and acting upon the divine guidance I have received in the past few months, I make this nuclear truth available to you.

“After taking the White Light Meditation and Healing Course you will be capable of creating for yourself the life, the experiences, and the opportunities you desire out of love, that naturally blend in the ambience of Mother Nature and are harmonious in the grand scheme of the universe.

“If you are keen at taking this White Light Meditation and Healing Course then your time for self-invocation is here! Let the ultimate power of manifestation come to you as I offer you the secret of ‘White’! ”

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White Light Meditation and Healing Course $50
“Love ignites life, love extinguishes despair. More than for whom it is concerned, ‘love’ itself enlivens from within! Love lives within the heart and permeates into the mind as thoughts. We humans have the power to consciously transform our inner and mental vibes into loving frequencies that only send off blessings to one and all, even those we are not in agreement with.
    “Even disagreeing minds can love each other, and many times opposites attract. Love can travel great distances across oceans and mountains, across latitudes and levels of consciousness ... across the living or to souls that have crossed over. Love reaches every place, time and state. There are unlimited ways in which it finds expression.”
This is an excerpt from Sunetra Basu's 'White Light Meditation & Healing Course' that teaches the very baseline of spiritual living, how life can be designed and manifested in the simplest way, and how we can consciously get out of the complexities of the mind and liberate ourselves from restraining and limiting notions through the identification of White Light within. Life's larger than we think.

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