White Light Meditation

...Manifest Your Dreams and Aspirations

Danya BASU

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ISBN-13: 978-1481139601

ISBN-10: 1985143534

This book teaches a revolutionary meditation called White Light Meditation. The meditation is powerful, short and simple and forms an integral part of many spiritual programs. White Light Meditation is unique in that it helps manifest our dreams and aspirations by empowering the thoughts, stimulating analytical thinking, magnifying and expressing dormant capabilities, and attracting the necessary resources from known and unknown directions. Just ten to fifteen minutes of White Light Meditation every day is enough to keep the process of transformation and manifestation consistent. 'White Light' is omnipresent and is accessible to everyone. However, most of us are unaware of its presence. White Light can be accessed by ‘intending’ that it comes to you.

White Light Meditation does not need initiation or expert supervision. It transforms thoughts into reality by infusing divine manifesting power into the subtle energies of your wishes and thoughts so they manifest in the physical world. It crystallizes your thoughts and aims in life, triggers a positive chain of events drawing resources to you, and thus enables you to accomplish your goals. The meditation happens spontaneously, whether you are by nature spiritual or not. Doing White Light Meditation for ten to fifteen minutes every day is enough to keep the process of transformation and manifestation consistent.

The author, Reiki Master Teacher Danya Basu, teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho (Reiki) and serves as a Spiritual Healing Channel. For over a decade, she has been meditating with the White Light manifesting positive results for her clientele and students. In this book she shares the sacred knowledge of White Light Meditation and wishes that all her readers would learn it from the step-by-step simple instructions. A daily practice of White Light Meditation empowers you to bring desired changes in your life.


1. Introduction

2. Who Am I?

3. The Soul – The One That Dwells Within

4. White Light Meditation: Introduction

5. The Process; Dos And Don’ts

6. Seeking Out To The White Light

7. The Key To Happiness

8. Simple Ways To Invite Happiness Into Our Lives

9. The Heart Of Spiritual Living: The Attitude Of Gratitude

10. About The Author


This book is dedicated to my guru, Sai Baba of Shirdi,

the Saptarishis who send us divine white light,

my two little angels Amritaa and Avighno,

my husband Anindya who loves and supports me unconditionally,

my mother and father, who made me what I am today,

my mother-in-law and my father-in-law

whose blessings help me cross over from darkness to light,

and, to people all over the world who seek divine inspiration.


I am grateful to my Reiki Gurus, RMT Nemai Nandi & RMT Shanu Singhal, for imparting to me spiritual guidance and the knowledge of Reiki healing & Reiki teaching,

Grand Master Parul Dutta for bringing to my knowledge the realm of spiritual healing, and my mentor and guide Sri Satyajit Mukerji for enriching me with his measureless spiritual knowledge. I also thank him for having illustrated the beautiful cover picture that so closely depicts the blessing nature of the White Light.

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