Danya Basu is a Spiritual Healer, Traditional Reiki Master Teacher and Writer. She heals, conducts Reiki training programs, provides spiritual guidance via networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and The Speaking Tree, to mention some. Her spiritual pursuit began in her late teens, and later on led her to the world of healing. She got initiated to the First Degree of the Usui System of Natural Healing, popularly known as Reiki, at the age of twenty-six. Taking to the art of healing and intrigued by its unlimited possibilities, she completed the Second Degree, that is, the advanced healer level in the year 2000.

Danya has served as a Reiki Channel for more than twelve years, healing various common ailments, infections, critical diseases, pain, stress and other physical, emotional/mental conditions including depression, heart surgery patients, tumor and malignancy. In 2010, she completed the Master Teacher Degree in Traditional Reiki, in response to an inner call to take up Reiki teaching as her way of life. She teaches Reiki First Degree and Second Degree and plans to launch her Third Degree program in the near future.

Danya learnt White Light Meditation in 2000 and has been practicing it ever since. She says, “I seek out to the white light whenever I need divine guidance, seek inner healing, plan an event or pursue a dream.” White light meditation forms an integral part of her Reiki programs. She advises everyone including children to practice this simple meditation at any age, and at any stage in life.

This book is the direct result of her inner spiritual call to spread knowledge of the manifesting power of White Light Meditation to the world, to kindle every dream, and to infuse will into every wish.

If you wish to learn more about the author, her healing services and Reiki programs, please visit her website about Reiki, Meditation and Spiritual Guidance at Hema Reiki.


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1. Introduction

2. Who Am I?

3. The Soul – The One That Dwells Within

4. White Light Meditation: Introduction

5. The Process; Dos And Don’ts

6. Seeking Out To The White Light

7. The Key To Happiness

8. Simple Ways To Invite Happiness Into Our Lives

9. The Heart Of Spiritual Living: The Attitude Of Gratitude

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