“Always do good to others”, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”… these are popular sayings that most of us have heard or read before. But do they hold good? If so, let us see how.

The universe runs on the principle of give and take. But energy does not get created or destroyed. It simply changes form. The living world is a physical expression of the divine. Every thought, word, and action, that is, every form of energy that we exude comes back to us in a similar form after gaining momentum through time. So, by the time it comes back to us it is many times more intense than what we had generated.

Our positive thoughts, words and actions come back to us sooner or later in the form of blessings as peace, love, joy, contentment, success, accomplishments and rewards. The opposite holds true as well, and that’s where we need to be cautious. If we generate negative thoughts, words or actions like anger, jealousy, hatred, wishing ill, hurting or depriving others, we would get back even stronger negative consequences. Nature always gives back more than it receives. It never keeps anything to itself. So, as we sow, so we reap.

It is also true that the energy we generate attracts the same type of energy from other sources around us. Thus, we design our lives and pack our surroundings with the same kind of energies that we fling towards others. That is precisely how we create our own destiny. Either we attract wish fulfilling resources with our positive attitude, or we repel resources with our negativity. Revisiting White Light Meditation, that is why it is so important to sit and meditate upon your wishes every day, and send all the positive energy you can freely channelize to it in the form of white light.

The Almighty plans in our best interests. Positive thoughts go with God's own thoughts for us and thus get fulfilled soon. Negative thoughts go against God's plans for us. They do get fulfilled at times, or so it seems, precisely in keeping with the free will of the universe, since even God does not impose His will upon us unless we welcome it with an open heart. So He lets us pick our options, right or wrong. However, one would have to face the consequences later on.

To ensure our own wellbeing, it is of fundamental importance that we make conscious efforts to think, speak and do good deeds. And a positive thought is the starting point towards that end. Keeping in mind all that a positive thought can do or trigger, its importance cannot possibly be overemphasized.

The concept of spiritual healing is primarily based on positivity. The entire healing system comprises of building a positive thought pattern, wishing and doing well for oneself as well as for others. As such, the most effectual positive thought that spiritual aspirants work on is gratitude. The attitude of gratitude is the basis of a spiritual life; it is at the heart of a spiritually aware being.

The feeling of gratitude makes one realize that everything he or she has is a gift from God and that we are blessed; it teaches one to count the blessings in life and to thank God for being so generous; it takes away ego, the “I” from our idea of life. Thus “I do”, “I am”, “I will” become “He does”, “He is”, “He will”.

Gratitude is a way of life. It helps us realize we are God’s channels doing His will His way in His kingdom on earth. We learn to be grateful for the talents and gifts he has bestowed upon us. We find happiness within our means; from that we learn another great virtue that secures happiness in life… contentment.

The Attitude of Gratitude forms the core of most spiritual programs, wherein it is either taught as is, or assimilated into the main idea of the programs. The Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Ryoho, commonly known as Reiki, is an art of spiritual healing wherein the Universal Life Energy is channelized through attuned individuals who can heal themselves and others with or without touch by intending and letting the energy flow into the recipient from their palms. In Reiki too, the attitude of gratitude is a core component of the healing system. In fact, it is this attitude that shapes an initiated individual into the perfect channel of Reiki.

In order to practice the attitude of gratitude one does not need to be attuned or initiated to it any further than the discussion we had in this chapter. Thank God genuinely every morning after you wake up, after taking a bath, at meal time, thank Him consciously and subconsciously night and day. Think how things could have been without the blessings you have had in life and make the most of them!

God gave us Nature. Nature is full of resources meant for us. Enjoy Nature and give back to others; enjoy the enormous love that comes to you in return.


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