There are so many easy ways to invite positivity and happiness into our lives. In my spiritual journey I found these Natural Remedies work like magic!-

1. Give Selflessly at Home - Feed Your Visitor:

Is there a crow, a pigeon, a mole, a squirrel, or a deer visiting your backyard? Every neighborhood will have one or more visitors; I bet yours does too. Does it come to your door-step every day? If so, feed it with inexpensive nuts, biscuits, fruits - food that you could spare. Choose a time of the day when you can do this every day. Invariably, the animal/bird will return the next day, then the next, and then every day after that for food.

You are feeding someone who means nothing to you. You have no emotional attachments with it. Yet you care to provide food for this innocent being. All creatures are made of God energy, and so is this one. And that's the best part. It is a way of worshipping the Creator. But make sure you remember to do it every day. It brings back divine bliss! Providing food is providing the most basic necessity of life, and you have signed in as means to their survival.

2. Supersede Expectations:

You interact with a few or a whole lot of people every day; everybody does. Every meeting involves exchange of energies. Other than verbal exchanges, there is an exchange of subtle energies between our aura bodies as well. The Aura is the layer of subtle life energy that envelopes our physical bodies and is always releasing and absorbing energies from its surroundings. Spiritually advanced people have very thick aura, well charged with positive energy, even as wide as several meters. The auras of realized souls living in human bodies stretch for kilometers. Thus they say it benefits to even step into the land of a holy man.

Coming back to energy exchanges, whether we talk to others or not, whether we shake hands or not, our auras constantly exchange subtle energies. Some of the energies we receive are positive, but some could be negative as well. Healthy auras are strong enough to repel negative energies from others. People with well energized auras are less likely to get agitated in the company of others even if the latter send out negative vibes. Even infections find it hard to penetrate a healthy aura, while a thin under-nourished aura would allow easy access to germs.

We cannot always control what energy others are sending us consciously or sub-consciously, but we can control ours. No matter what kind of energy you receive, make sure that the energies traveling from you are always positive. Even if it were someone who is not exactly the apple of your eye, try ending the encounter with a "God help you!" kind of a silent prayer. And trust me, it matters! It counts! It blesses the rest of your day! Just make sure you give more than you receive, because that always comes around to you, and might even have gotten amplified by then, so you received much more than you gave!

Some daily examples... tip an honest hard-worker more, hug your mom more than usual, may be make her a hot cup of coffee, or wrap a blanket around her, or help your dad out the way you have never done before. Remember, if you have really helped someone unconditionally, even if it was setting free a trapped ant, you have done your deed for the day! But there is always room for more. So give out positivity to your heart's content! Of course, within your means.

All the above mentioned acts translate to unconditional love; and that's the best way to serve God! Just remember - never bother to brag your selfless deeds, for if you do, they no more remain selfless. You just exchanged them for earning a good name. Instead just enjoy the gladness from having helped in your own little or great ways and cherish it in your heart forever.

3. Don't Forget to Say "I'm Sorry" and "Thank You"

You might think "this is kindergarten stuff!" Well, as silly as it may sound, it's worth revising everyday! Never fail or falter to apologize or express your gratitude whether it is to God, your friend, a relative or anyone else, and when you do, do it right from your heart. It is best to practice true gratitude and true regret than to just say "Thank-you" and "Sorry" merely to show courtesy. Following this rule always reserves a portion of others' blessings for you. And blessings, the purest energies, count more than anything else! Blessings have the power to change the course of one's life. Only blessings can make life as good as it could get by bringing to you the very best of what your destiny holds, and in some cases, even beyond! In that context, when you are practicing White Light Meditation, you are actually blessing your own wishes with divine energy!

Earn all the blessings you can with honesty, sincerity and love.

4. Always be Honest

In many situations, at life's crossroads honesty might be the tougher of two choices, but it's worth the trouble, take my word for it. Unless it is for a greater cause, do not lie. Lying amounts to deceit. Deceit is even more harmful to you than what it did to the other person. Why? You just signed up for misery. Sending out negative energies in the form of deceit, jealously, hatred and anger only invites greater negativity in return. Whereas, sending out positive energies in the form of love, sharing, caring, blessings, help and sacrifice brings back many times more positivity, sometimes even shielding us from destined catastrophes in life.

5. Never Hurt the Soul

Every soul is a part of the Super Soul, that is, every soul is a part of God! So never ever hurt someone. If you think you hurt someone unintentionally, ask for forgiveness as soon as you realize your misdeed. The moment you realize you will repent, and the moment there is remorse, the negativity gets washed away. Once you are aware of your mistake, you will be careful never to let it happen again.

6. Do Your Duty

Well, whether it makes sense or not, whether it feels good or not, even if the beneficiary is not quite the apple of your eye, just do it - do your duty. Ask God to give you strength if it seems difficult. Sometimes we owe someone from the past (even past lives). We better set the books right here so it doesn't get carried forward to later when we are aged or less capable. Nature will have you do your part one way or the other; rather get it done with now than later. Doing your duty also ensures that others will do theirs' towards you when you are at the receiving end.

7. Keep a Broad Mind and an Open Heart

Depending upon the kind of person you are, you will attract similar energies around you, and others will reciprocate with similar energies. Be kind, compassionate and empathetic so you can attract kindness, compassion and empathy in return. Spread love and enjoy being loved back!

8. Think Positive

We manifest our dreams with our positive thoughts. Everything begins as a dream in the subconscious mind, gets organized as conscious thoughts, and gets enacted as events in life. That is how we design our lives within the limits of our destiny.

Think positive, think on, and believe in your heart that is your reality. Dream, think and act good, and so you will be. It doesn't take long for thoughts to materialize, provided the same thoughts prevail over time.


Smile to be happy

Smile 'coz it's healthy

Smile so it spreads all around you;

Smile to make a friend Smile and set the trend

Smile to every living being around you;

Smile to the trees Smile to honey bees

Smile to the person who found you;

Smile to your brother

And to your step mother

Smile so it's sweet all around you!

Smile at its beauty

Smile when on duty

Smile, smile 'coz it's cool!

Smile when in school

Smile even at nothing like a fool!

So don't forget to SMILE!

It's the best gift at no expense!

Smile now, Smile forever!


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