Happiness is a state of mind. It is the state of mind we are in when we are drenched with positive energy. The more we create positivity within and around us, the more the mind stays in this celebrating state, and the more the joy beams out in all directions to everyone it comes in contact with. While amplifying and projecting joy everywhere the mind attracts similar energy from others too. Ultimately this energy exchange becomes something like a set of mirrors reflecting each other, spreading joy to so many. With the blessings it brings back, the mind sails into ecstasy!

This is exactly how it works. Remember how everything feels great when we feel happy? And all this starts with just one positive thought.

True happiness or bliss comes from within: the critical importance of positive thinking cannot be over-emphasized! Actually, that is how happiness is generated within us, by thinking good, and not from external sources. Bliss is found deep inside the individual being, inside the soul - the subtle one that resides within each and every one of us.

“If this HAPPENS then I will be happy, if it DOES NOT happen I will not be happy” is short-lived happiness, or rather a desire or craving for something. True happiness, or bliss, is never subjective. It does not depend upon external conditions.

We think something or someone would make us happy or sad; why should we subject our state of being, our feelings and our precious moments to events that we have no control on? Why not attach our happiness to us alone? Let the one sitting inside my heart generate happiness for me, the one I can talk to and rely on. It always listens, agrees, comforts, supports and directs me unconditionally. Let us draw happiness from that inner being, the Soul! If we do that, real happiness, lasting and unconditional, will automatically shine forth from within. Our minds will then generate positive and good thoughts only. Good thoughts will automatically lead to good words and to good deeds.

In reality, with most of us, the mind is seldom tuned in with the soul. In order to attach the mind with the soul you need to consciously seek out to the soul; you need to pay attention and listen to its subtle whispers; you need to abide by it. The soul speaks to you at all times. If you were to ask the soul in any situation, "What should I do?", it would have something to tell you. If you would listen and obey, you would avoid many wrong decisions in life. The soul sees beyond time and space. It sees the future and gives advice knowing what fruit every action would bear in the future. Thus Possible mistakes could be turned into untold blessings if you were to listen to that inner voice and follow it without questioning.

The soul tells you something at every step of your life. It is your connection with super-consciousness. Tie a close bond with your soul. Once you are secured, happiness is automatic!


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