In the previous chapters we have discussed most aspects of White Light Meditation. My primary reason for writing this book was to spread the knowledge of the universal presence of the White Light, the untold divine grace it brings to you and its incredible power to manifest your wishes, aspirations and dreams into reality.

I have been practicing White Light Meditation for over a decade now. The open and flexible nature of the meditation permits me to practice it anytime anywhere and in the face of any adversity in life. Besides manifestation, the White Light can bless in many more ways -

You can turn to it for spiritual guidance; for relaxation, especially when you are stressed or overwhelmed with situations; for calmness and inner peace and to stay focused in the middle of a busy or confusing state of affairs in life. Mentally seek out to the White Light for direction, for resources, to reinforce confidence and to fortify you from negative influences. Remember, the White Light comes to you the moment you think of it.


Home Page

1. Introduction

2. Who Am I?

3. The Soul – The One That Dwells Within

4. White Light Meditation: Introduction

5. The Process; Dos And Don’ts

6. Seeking Out To The White Light

7. The Key To Happiness

8. Simple Ways To Invite Happiness Into Our Lives

9. The Heart Of Spiritual Living: The Attitude Of Gratitude

10. About The Author

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