Every life has a purpose, and every soul has a dream. That is what each one of us has come to manifest on earth. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, ”I have a dream!”; his dream changed the face of America, securing justice and equality for all. Everyone has a dream in life. By dream, I mean a wish, an aspiration - a strong yearning to manifest a thought into an accomplishment in life. A dream could be an ambition to become a doctor, a lawyer, or a teacher; a dream could be a desire to see your child healthy, or to see him or her succeed; it could be to reach a certain goal in life, financial, educational, spiritual, or otherwise; it could also be to have a peaceful relationship with someone, or to mend a tormented one; to find someone to share life with; to be able to secure or serve someone the way you have always wanted; to visit someone or, to go on a pilgrimage – it could be anything for that matter.

In order to manifest your dream or aspiration into reality, you must empower it with your will force. Because will force can achieve just about anything! Now, there are two aspects to will force that will enable you to realize your dreams. They are – the divine will, and your individual will.

White light transforms a ‘wish’ into a ‘will’. It empowers your dream with the vital energies essential to bring about the necessary positive changes within you, and around you, to draw all required resources to you, and to smoothly drive you to your target. So basically, it shuffles, cleanses, brings together, connects, harmonizes and organizes resources that are the essential to achieve your dream, and imprints upon it the final seal of divine blessing.

White light meditation is all about infusing the white light into your dreams. It takes care of two things at the same time- nourishing your aspirations with divine blessings, and activating the individual will force within you, thus unlocking your latent power even you were unaware of.

The moment we conceive a dream or think of a plan, in terms of energies it has taken birth already, but resides in the mind as subtle or abstract energy. In order to ‘live’ the dream we need to concretize it into the physical tangible world. White light meditation aims at empowering the thoughts with the divine energy of the white light, charging you with the vital catalytic force you require to bring your goals to the finishing line.

The White Light:

White light is omnipresent and flows freely in nature. It is accessible to anyone. Most of us do not feel or see it unless we are spiritually aware. But the moment you think of it, whether you realize it or not, the white light comes to you and can be directed to any part of the body simply by intending. However, for manifestation we visualize it at the third eye.

About White Light Meditation:

White Light Meditation is short, simple and does not need expert guidance, rigorous practice and experience. Once you intend for the white light to flow and shine through you, it will, even though there might not be any physical evidence of the same. The greatest proof of its effectiveness is the happening of the desired changes and the amazing turnaround of situations, persons and events in your life.

White light meditation...

  1. provides the necessary motivation, the strength of determination, perseverance and endurance to stay focused on your goal throughout the duration of your endeavor;
  2. opens up options and possibilities, removes doubts, inhibitions and confusions that might have held you back all this time;
  3. brings clarity of thoughts, authority and firmness of decision;
  4. removes obstacles and hindrances that might have blocked the way to your goals;
  5. brings to you the necessary knowledge and resources, even from sources you might not have been aware of until now, finally leading you to completion.

The meditation takes just ten to fifteen quiet minutes every day. It works better if you are mentally relaxed. So it is necessary that you spend the first few minutes of this meditation to calm down mentally and emotionally.

Thinking of what we want, wish, and will comes very naturally to us. This artless nature of the white light meditation makes it come to you spontaneously, and that is exactly how you should approach it.

White light meditation does not take practice to be perfected. Here, I emphasize on the fact that in order to start white light mediation even for the first time you do not need the physical presence of a trainer, teacher or a guru. You do not need to get initiated or attuned to the white light energy or to the practice of white light meditation to be able to seek and channelize the white light. A sincere intent to do so is all you need. White light comes to you as soon as you think about it. And that is its uniqueness.

Many of those whom I have instructed about white light meditation have not done any spiritual courses, and have not been initiated or attuned into any other energy fields. Your prior exposure to spirituality does not matter. There is no fear of going wrong since this is an open and spontaneous exercise. The instructions I have given in this book are to serve you as a guide through your meditation. Once you have understood how you should do it, you might want to do it for longer or more often than once a day because the innate nature of this meditation is to calm you down from within. The almost instant positive changes it brings all around you makes you endear the light even more! I know many who practice white light meditation more that once a day due to its flexibility of process and unbelievable benefits.

White Light Meditation brings changes within a week or two, no matter how minute or huge they are. However, some find changes showing sooner, even within a few days. Little processes start here and there, you must keep noticing - people change; their attitude towards you change; situations brighten up; many more options and possibilities appear before you; internally you undergo positive changes; you rediscover yourself and discover your hidden potential; your positive attitude and behavior draw resources towards you in the form of people, money and material. Things start to happen like never before because divine will is at play. All these processes finally get carefully woven together into the fabric of your dream.

It is important to perform white light meditation every day. Regularly re-envisioning your dream in the white light empowers you to carry it out, starting from conception, to planning it out, structuring it realistically, organizing the required resources and finally bringing it to the finishing line.

Once you have had success with white light meditation, you will be clear about one thing, and that is, a lot goes on up in the sky!

Three important things to remember while practicing white light meditation are:

  1. Do it sincerely and patiently, whether you do it for ten minutes or longer.
  2. Always meditate upon healthy positive changes. Negative intentions do not work here because the very nature of the white light is pure and divine.
  3. Do it with your heart and meditate with love.

Although White Light Meditation is very simple and spontaneous, its effects on life, energies and resources is fast, strong and productive. The incredibly natural approach sometimes makes it difficult to realize the power of this meditation. Mostly, after having done the meditation for a few days, or a week, you get to recognize its manifesting power and what that brings to you. Practice it every day and activate your dormant potential; discover all the hidden treasures you are destined to enjoy.

White Light Meditation forms an integral part of many spiritual, healing and meditation programs. I too include White Light Meditation as a part of my Reiki Courses. In the next chapter you will learn the process of the meditation.


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