Your soul is the core of the entity that is ‘you’. It is the indestructible spark of divinity within you. It is the eternal nameless aspect of you that was, is, and always will be. It is your spirit, the nucleus of your existence. It is extremely gentle, subtle, and whispers God’s will to you. It always brings God's messages to you because it is always connected with God, the universal power, the source energy of all creation. Thus, through your soul you are always connected with God. Through your soul He guides your wandering mind and signals you what to do, or not to do every single moment of your life! You might or might not be listening because most of the times, the mind overrides the soft whispers of the soul.

The mind is your thinking faculty. It logically analyzes every situation on the basis of information collected by your senses and from your past experiences. The soul, however, has a very different potency and purview. Its cognizance encompasses life beyond time and space. It has access to the very source of all information. It has the power to take the most perfect decision. In any situation, the very first thought that comes to you from within, even before you could think and rationalize, is the voice of your soul.

This is the difference between the soul and the mind. What your mind says is based on limited or incomplete information. What your soul says is based on complete information. Now is the time for you to decide who you will listen to the next time you have to take a decision. Will you listen to the voice of your soul? It is the perfect way to stay connected with God all the time. There is nothing more secure than that! We humans are short-sighted, that is, we do not see the future. So the decisions we take would be based only on our memory of the past and our knowledge of the present. That is why sometimes in life we find that the decisions we took earlier proved to be wrong in course of time. But the soul definitely has a better vantage point, it would always be able to tell right from wrong based on the future possibilities of every decision. Accordingly, it would try to warn you, or encourage you with your choices.

LISTEN! Every time you are confused and don't know what to do, ask your soul. Then carefully listen to the inner voice, that subtle feeling within you that tells you “I should” or, “I should not”. It will always guide you in the right direction, help you avoid mistakes and misdoings every step of the way, especially at life’s crossroads, so in future, looking back at things, you would not regret.

When you regard the voice of your soul, you heed God’s voice, and you will never go wrong or be guilty of doing wrong. It means you have chosen to be in God’s grace, and it also means you are bringing divine energy to all those around you. Every thought, word and action then becomes an expression of God’s will. You radiate positivity to everyone you interact with, and they sense it! You are accepted and appreciated at large because you radiate positivity, and nothing can outshine that!

Identifying the divine energy within yourself brings you intimately close to It. You are able to perceive that a smaller version of the Almighty power, a micro universe dwells right within you. You can now identify yourself with it. Your awareness gradually widens and ultimately merges into the greater, macro universe. Your consciousness pervades the universe in its entirety! You experience oneness with nature. You identify yourself with its vastness that extends beyond time and space. You realize, after all, you are a speck of celestial energy, a spark of divine light!

This is the ultimate state of existence - when you are one with the universe! Once this state is attained, all pettiness vanishes from your mind, ignorance is invaded by enlightenment and the image of life acquires a much greater stature; as if you are reborn, and now you want to live for a greater purpose.

The following chapter introduces to you the spiritual phenomenon of the White Light and explains the concept, power and uniqueness of White Light Meditation.


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4. White Light Meditation: Introduction

5. The Process; Dos And Don’ts

6. Seeking Out To The White Light

7. The Key To Happiness

8. Simple Ways To Invite Happiness Into Our Lives

9. The Heart Of Spiritual Living: The Attitude Of Gratitude

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