2. WHO AM I?

Each one of us has a name, just as I am Danya. But who is the one that dwells within me?

You might have noticed every time you are thinking or trying to take a decision, even as the mind reasons out and justifies why you should take one option, and not the other, there is another faint voice coming from within, sometimes saying 'yes' and sometimes saying 'no' to what your logical mind suggests. That means something within you, a quiet presence, keeps a close watch and wants to guide you every time you are about to take a decision, or an action. Notice that this inner voice is louder and clearer when you are making up your mind on something crucial in life.

Some of you might not be aware of this presence in the rush of daily life. So you sometimes heed and sometimes choose to ignore the soft voice that speaks within our heart. When you ignore it, and choose to go with the practical mind, the inner voice gets suppressed. But that's just for the time being. It keeps playing in the sub-conscience again and again, reminding you who you are, and pointing out the mistake you are about to make. And deep within your heart, you know there’s a slight hitch about what you are about to do, though your conscious mind asks you to ignore it. You will hear that voice time and again long after you have moved on against it. It will keep reminding you on and off with a little prick in your heart; for that is its very nature.

Someone within you is aware! It is an integral part of you, and yet you mostly choose to ignore its presence. This someone is on constant vigil. This someone is your soul – a minuscule energy of the Almighty Spirit that came to live on earth as you. It knows when you are wrong, speaks to you through your conscience and guides you to the right path. It always urges you to do what will be good for you in the long run, though it might apparently seem unwise or impractical under the present circumstances. And that is why you might not have agreed with it all the time, out of fear – the fear of losing, of shame and embarrassment, of hardships, or of social pressure. But at times when you did listen, took the right way and set things right, peace was restored in your heart. The little prick within your heart was gone forever, as if a thorn had been plucked out, or a burden had been lifted off your chest, and you felt relieved. If you think about it closely, you will realize that it has happened to you many times. Due to short-sight of the future, and ‘feel good is good’ nature, most of us tend to choose the logical option, ignoring all inner conflicts.

In the following chapter we shall try to identify the soul within each one of us and discuss the answer to: Should I listen to my mind, or should I listen to my soul? And why?


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