​Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

Welcome to the realm of Reiki - the Universal Life Energy!

You are here in response to your inner call for health and healing! Please rest assured that Reiki has led you here for a purpose... it is a well known fact that Reiki picks its channels. This is indeed a rare opportunity that you can now avail from wherever you are... surely your earnest seeking a healing solution for your body and mind has opened this door to you. And now that you have decided to take this milestone step to get attuned to Reiki, it is important for you to have an idea as to what 'Reiki' actually is...

Reiki is a metaphysical wave of 'prana' or life energy. It is this wave that nurtures and preserves all lifeforms on this planet. Reiki is what keeps us alive and healthy if we have enough of it within us in perfect harmony. But that's often not the case. The absence of enough Reiki and the presence of negative energy blockages is the primary/root cause of disease.

The great news is that after completing this course you will become a channel of 'Life Energy' and be able to heal yourself as well as others with the touch of your Reiki energized palms to cleanse, heal, replenish and rejuvenate the body, mind and emotions. Thus your decision to learn Reiki not only gives you the chance to regain your own health and harmony, but also opens up a new doorway to 'life' for every soul you will touch in course of your healing practice!

...In the coming years as you practice Reiki you will see what amazing gifts this one step you took will ring to every form of life around you, starting with yourself. Reiki enables deep cleansing and holistic healing throughout your chakras, organs and endocrine glands, restoring health, harmony and happiness at all levels of consciousness!

You can take your Reiki Course from me as either Support Based Reiki Course or Class Based Reiki Course...

Recommended for those with busy schedules...
Support based Reiki courses are taught via emails and phone calls. After you have paid the fees via PayPal, you will receive your course material and instructions via email. I will email to you the available date and time options for your Reiki Attunement of which you can pick whichever suits you best.

You must read the course material thoroughly and note down all your doubts and queries. I will discuss all your doubts and queries via emails or phone calls, whichever works for you.

Attunement: At the time fixed for your attunement you will need to lie down in a quiet place following the simple instructions that will be emailed to you before hand. I will call you up (at the phone number you provide in the form below) to instruct you about the attunement. The attunement will be sent to you via powerful sacred Reiki symbols. During the attunement you must relax and receive it with an open mind. Once your attunement is done, I will call you back. We can discuss your queries after the attunement as well as subsequently via emails as and when questions arise in your mind while you continue your Reiki practice. Your Reiki Course Completion Certificate will be emailed to you after your attunement... you can download it and print it out for your records. My support via email and phone will always be available.

Suited for those who can accomodate detailed one-to-one classes...
Class based Reiki courses are taught as one-to-one classes over Skype. I teach both First and Second Degree Reiki Courses in two classes of two hours each. It is best to take the classes on two consecutive days or at an interval of one or two days. The course material will be emailed to you beforehand and the attunemnt will be given to you during the first class. Classes are conducted via Skype video sessions. In case Skype is not available, we wil have the same classes over the phone. Both theory and practical aspects of the course will be taught and explained during the two classes. Your queries will also be discussed and clarified. After your course completion your Reiki Certificate and the hard copy spiral Course Manual will be mailed to the address that you provide in the form below. My support and guidance will always be availbale to you thereafter via email/phone.

You will begin your Reiki practice with self-healing yourself. After your attunement you will practice self-healing for 21 consecutive days. During this perieod Reiki will completely detoxify you.. you will undergo deep cleansing and healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

If you have been attuned to Reiki at First Degree Level, you become a Reiki Channel and will be able to heal yourself as well as other human beings, animals and plants with the touch of your hands right after the attunement.

If you have been attuned to Reiki at Second Degree Level, you will be able to heal with greater power and will be able to send equally strong healing without the touch of your palms, by employing Reiki via very powerful sacred symbols that will be imparted to you. You will also be taught many advanced distant healing tools and group healing techniques. Even after course completion, you can always reach me via emails and over the phone. ​ With love and light! ~ Sunetra

Important Course Info...
  1. Reiki, the universal healing wave, is a sacred and divine vibration and needs to be treated and respected accordingly.
  2. You can discuss Reiki healing techniques with other Reiki Channels of your degree/level or higher.
  3. You are emphatically advised to practice Reiki for self-healing and then share the healing energy with others, healing as many people, animals, or other species, after your 21 day cleansing is done (for details about 21-day cleansing please refer to your eManual)
  4. Please stay on a strictly vegetarian diet, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no chocolates or sweets for two days before your Reiki class and also the first class, that is, the day of your attunement (2+1=3 diet days)
  5. Take a thorough bath before your Reiki class. Wear clean comfy (not too tight) clothing after freshening up just before your class time. Be lightly fed so you are neither heavy nor hungry, and keep water handy during your class. Ask for a break whenever you need one.
  6. Keep a new notebook and a smooth pen ready with you for your own notes and clarifications.
  7. Clear your doubts and queries with me as we progress in class. Remember, even after course completion, I'm just a phone call or an email away!

This course is offered to anyone who aspires to be attuned to Reiki and become a 'channel' of the healing energy. There are no prerequisites to Reiki First Degree. This course empowers the student to heal the self as well as others with the touch of the palms. All animals, birds, plants and other living beings can be healed with Reiki. The healing is intention based, that is, the energy gets activated by the Reiki Channel's intention to heal. Once attuned to the Source of Reiki, the healing energy flows through the Reiki Channel and vibrates at his/her palms whenever, wherever he/she intends to heal. The course is taught in four to five hours spread across one or two days. Classes are conducted via Skype video sessions or over the phone wherein all concepts are taught and doubts are cleared at the student's pace; students are attuned by distant attunement.

This course is offered to Reiki First Degree Channels who have been practicing healing regularly for at least two to three months. The prerequisite is Reiki First Degree. This course is conducted via Skype video sessions or over the phone. The course is taught in four to six hours spread across two days.

Students are taught Reiki symbols and are attuned by distant attunement to the sacred symbols that they thereafter apply to start, empower and close every healing session. Many unique, simple and powerful advanced healing tools are taught as a part of this course, that enable the Second Degree Channel to send Reiki with 100% effectiveness to individuals no matter where they are located, across any distance to any part of the world, or across time to past incidents and future events. Students are also trained in ways to channel Reiki to multiple recipients simultaneously. Second Degree empowers the Channel to spread the healing wave far and wide.

Order Your Reiki Courses from Sunetra...


Reiki First Degree Course (Support Based, via emails and phone calls)
Holistic Spiritual Healing with Touch (Usui Shiki Ryoho) - Course Fee: $50...

Reiki Second Degree Course (Support Based, via emails and phone calls)
Advanced & Distant Healing Across Time & Space - Course Fee: $90...


Reiki First Degree Course (Class Based, over Skype)
Holistic Spiritual Healing with Touch (Usui Shiki Ryoho) - Course Fee: $120...

Reiki Second Degree Course (Class Based, over Skype)
Advanced & Distant Healing Across Time & Space - Course Fee: $210...

In addition, please Email Sunetra including your full name, correct mailing address, phone number, location during class(town, state, country), and Skype ID.

Your Reiki classes can be conducted either via Skype video classes or via phone; I personally prefer Skype. However, classes can be very smoothly conducted via phone as well. I will reply back to you with the available class dates and time slots within two to three working days.

After course completion the actual manual and your Reiki certificate will be mailed to you.

Reiki Courses

Reiki Courses

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