Use Common-Sense in Your Life, Not Fake Theories and Pseudo-Science

By Anuj Chugh

Never once in my life, did I and will I believe in the existence of parallel universes or even multiple universes, for this is the life we have and the world that we all live in. To know what's happening in the world and in the field of one's choosing, is enough givens to enable the process of success and it's failure is due to man's own shortcomings. No matter how wealthy one may be, one's success is at the best, very limited because of one's mortality.

Truly successful would be an immortal whose 'unlimited' resources would be truly unlimited, for he / she would have unlimited time at their disposal. Wealth, money and power too, it seems, are only restricted to the time one has to use it and/or enjoy it. Fabulous gains causing momentary highs are nothing but the estimation of joy, power and freedom, triggered by a brain that believes in all that it can do. Why not?

Rich people have a reality quite different from the rest of us. But the true seeking would always have to be for something permanent, something final and something eternal. Something that puts an end to all kinds of pain, without any possibility of future recurrance. Humans experience time as past, present and future because they measure the passing of time by the events that occured and/or were experienced.

However, the only moment we ever live in, is the now. You go back to the cherished 'memories' of the future and see yourself acting, speaking, meeting, doing, etc. beforehand in the moment of now. Now is the only time you ever had and you will ever have. Hence, there's no good that can come from brooding over the past. Not only that it wastes time, but it also creates mental blockages and/or decreases the efficiency of your mind.

Anyways, coming back to this imperfect world, being sensitive I am not able to digest it's cruelities and the fact that powerful elites are making mockery of the lives of rest of humanity. But there's no way one can find the truth, there's a master-mind deception in the world. It's just - play according to the rules of the world/game in anything that you want to gain, or else no gain.

You have to set a schedule for an entire day, making sure that you end up spending your entire energy for the day. It would just be a matter of time that you will be ready. Ready, for whatever that you practice and/or for what you want to be ready for. Be wary of your mind, it constantly wanders - back to the past, back to the old habits, back to memories and back to the old ways of thinking, being and feeling. Then only, will you gain some success in your training, then only will you change and good fortune will result.

You will get what you want. You will be lucky. You will fulfill all your dreams and yearnings. Your expectations will be met and you will be full of energy. The only reason of life can also be, the preparation for death. A person should spend sufficient time, meditating on the inevitability of death. It's lastly, about facing life without any fear of authority, for there's no authority, only fear. Make way for yourself in this dark jungle of life.

Ask this question to your heart, everyday - Am I able to trust myself and my truest instincts as per conditions, as of now?

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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