Some Quotables by My Facebook Friend...

1. Cities are built to brighten the lie and darken the truth...

2. You can not know the entire truth about people even if you spend lifetime with them.

3. We make a lot of promises for the future that has never come true..

4. Religious belief and moral sense are two different fishes to catch... could you please eloborate? - comment by Santosh Narva

lol.. What i mean is that..religious beliefs are often blind and superstitious..followed just like that. But morality is is practised with personal understanding. What is morally incorrect maybe permissible in certain religion! Morality is practical whereas religion is so theoretical! - reply by Prasant Trivedi

Well said bro !! :) - reply by Anuj Chugh

Religion is organised ignorance - comment by Ganapathi Adiga

True Ganapathi Adiga... I think that is why I remain avert to religious forces! r- eply by Prasant Trivedi

5. Things in life becomes easier when we 'truly' don't concern ourselves with what everyone else is doing!! -- Sarita Agarwal

6. Realization that nothing is permanent..Is a Good at the same time Bad Feeling. -- Mithila M Nate

7. When It's Meant For You, It Will Transpire Effortlessly... -- Mithila M Nate

8. In our ability to think about something differently, lies the power to make it different. -- Anuj Chugh

9. Life is a vast series of problems. Never give up ! -- Anuj Chugh

10. We don't live to be an example..or a legend. we live because we want to..

11. Waiting for someone else to make us happy is the best way to be sad..!! -- Sarita Agarwal

12. Be nice to people while you are on this Earth and help others when you can, it costs nothing and consider it a privilege.

The journey ahead will be a lonely one i think --- I have no independent knowledge nor documented evidence to prove otherwise!! No amount of money will get you a better seat perhaps your good deeds might!! -- dr mohan thomas

13. We don't care about truth... we care about the truth that we most identify with!

14. Sometimes I listen to my wants, sometimes needs... I ain't pristine saint!

15. Depression is the battle against your inner self you are trying to connect with.

16. We don't live in the world of unselfish favours... every help is done with some price!

17. Sometimes even you don't have access to your pain... some pains better remain uncured!

18. When money comes in, love swiftly flies out the window!

19. Reality is the most powerful element that redefines many of us!

20. Greed kills the purity of almost everything in life, including your dreams.

21. “The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job.” – Zig Ziglar - Stay positive

22. When a guy PMs a girl from a WhatsApp group, it is not right. When a girl PMs a guy from a WhatsApp group, then well it is her 'right'. - Anuj Chugh

23. Principled selfishness is a businessman's inevitable success mantra! - Prsant Trivedi

Business is nothing but robbery without violence. - comment by Ganapathi Adiga

Totally agree..we are on the same page on this Ganapathi Adiga - reply by Prasant Trivedi

Kisi ne roka hai tumko competitor banne se? - comment by Anuj Chugh

😂 - reply by Prasant Trivedi

24. Blood and sweat are shed from both the ends, but the owner takes home the trophy in the end! - Prasant Trivedi

Jiski laathi uski bhains !! - reply by Anuj Chugh

So u r a businessman! 😂 Anuj Chugh - reply by Prasant Trivedi

Yes and I want more businessmen in our country instead of common ppl complaining ki desh Abhi bhi azaad nahi hai foreigners loot rahe hai, politicians desh bech rahe hai etc etc. - reply by Anuj Chugh

lol... nice ambition! - Prasant Trivedi

25. It's a small life friends, live it well, take care of each other! - Anuj Chugh

26. Well, I am a good human being. I do not discriminate between people. My shoulder is for everyone to cry upon... Bas apni naak mat pahuchna. - Anuj Chugh

27. Earlier: They hate us cause they ain't us ! Now: They hate us cause they anus ! Almost same sounds here, the entire change of meaning, words make a big difference.

hahaha =D ;) - Anuj Chugh

28. 'Cause one day I will become a boss... and when I do become a boss... I will glue my ass to the chair with a fevi - quick, AND only give commands... 'Cause that's what a BOSS does ;) -- Anuj Chugh

29. I hate people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious! -- Sarita Agarwal

30. Life is too deep for words, So don't try to describe it, just live it. Nothing in life is to be answered, it is only to be understood. -- Author Anonymous

31. हर शख्स दूसरों को अखबार समझता है,

अपने मतलब की खबर काट लेता है...!! -- Ashutosh Tiwari

32. I am an overall decent guy however there's a little bit of Eric Cartman in me. - Anuj Chugh

33. Those who think that 'Get Home Safe' is a mere courtesy has never been to Pune. -- Luke Kale

34. ISRO successfully launches India's 7th satellite... just to monitor what's exactly happening in the Hrithik Kangana issue. -- Atul Khatri

35. हर जगह दुखी आत्माओं का साया है, हँस भी लो यारो कल किसने पाया है। #BindasNotDevdas😃 -- Mohammad Israf

36. Baby u are my shonaaa...😘😍

I don't want to khonaaa😣😣

Need in ur heart a small konaaa....💖💞

If u don't like me....😏😏

I will start ronaaa...😿😿

Nd never chup hona😭😭

-- Author Anonymous

37. "No matter how great the setback, how severe the failure, never give up." - John Cena

38. One of my aunt be like why are you always visiting a doctor are you not well ? 😂

No, I make some products for doctors I visit to showcase them.- Anuj Chugh

39. An honest from the heart confession: When I was an eighth grade kid, I used to believe that when I marry a sweet beautiful woman all my problems would get solved and I would live happily ever after 😂😂 - Anuj Chugh

40. Woh vapas nahi aane wali ye baat mujhko pata hai, Phir bhi uski yaad bahut aati hai ! - Anuj Chugh

41. Dr.- Your case is quite complicated.

Patient- Why doctor? What happened?

Dr.- You got a disease from the chapter which I left as optional during my studies...😐😕😕🤣 - Posted by DrRavi Prakash

42. Itni shakti mujhe dedo dataa...

2 4 ghante me or padh lu 🙄🙄🙄 - DrPushpendra Gole

43. मत रख इतनी नफ़रत अपने दिल में इन्सान,

जिस दिल में नफरत होती है उसमे रब नहीं बसता !! - Niraj Kumar

44. In some way we all are losers so lets just stop calling other people 'losers' !! :)

45. Realization that nothing is permanent..Is a Good at the same time Bad Feeling. - Mithila M Nate

46. When It's Meant For You, It Will Transpire Effortlessly... - Mithila M Nate

47. Kisi hit gaane pe Jo kamar lachka degi toh yeh dil ban jayega fatichar se shezaada ... - Anuj Chugh

48. Lack of knowledge about a subject gives it a shape of mystery..!

49. The touch of a city leaves a shiver of change in it influence..!

50. dance is when you can forget the world and give your entire self to yourself...

51. Lust, if not controlled, can destroy the purest part of your existence.. - Prasant Trivedi

These are deep thoughts. Lust is a strong destructive force. - Comment by Prince Ibekwe

52. You don't just have to live..! - Prasant Trivedi

You don't just have to leave..! ;) - Comment by Naved Chanderi

53. Things that give you utmost pleasure are things you will never do in front of others

54. When tragedy strikes...all you can do is survival..!!

55. Libido is a dark rush that conquers moral sense and encourages restless desire..

56. We like revenge...and laughing at them is the most harmless of all..!

57. We are not changing..nor evolving..we are just drifting to a land called 'nowhere'.. - Prasant Trivedi

The reason why i reacted angry because it is negative and dark without satire -- Comment by Anuj Chugh on angry reaction

that is what my speciality is...Anuj Chugh I deal with darkness, reality and just need to read between the lines.. -- reply by Prasant Trivedi

58. You can love properly only if you have everything else settled in your life... - Prasant Trivedi

yet a girl can come and 'unsettle' everything you have strived to settle just 'to be able to' love her properly .... Be careful who you fall for ! -- Comment by Anuj Chugh

59. The actual face of marriages is ravished by a bunch of lustful urban realities..

60. Me a hustler, I am always hustlin' :) - Anuj Chugh

61. If you can't show care, your concern does not have any practical value..!

62. We are wired to kill.. we are drugged to be devil..!

63. cities have blocked the stars..only limited shine of glass comes into view..

64. Writing exclusively for readers is close to commercializing your thoughts..

65. We were all happy until it happened..what was it? Society.!!! -- Prasant Trivedi

There never was a life without society. Society was always a part of the game. -- Comment by Anuj Chugh

Problem with society is .. it tries to pull a person to it's path just to ensure its own security and so called righteousness -- Comment by Santosh Narva

I agree Santosh Narva i dont know what is with this shallow sense of righteousness..and who are they to say what is right for us..we will decide what path to take..and it is not about just being right or wrong, it is always about listening to others even to be happy..come on!! -- Reply by Prasant Trivedi

66. It is a rich man's privileges: random love and carefree debauchery..!!

67. Penis is not an answer to emotional just adds to layers of regrets!

68. The best place truth works is right under your a sense of irritation..!

69. You don't cry over the dead so much as overcome the fact that it will be your turn soon.. -- Prasant Trivedi

Jeene ke hai chaar din .... O o o o a o .... 😎 -- comment by Anuj Chugh

oh is serious xpression Anuj Chugh 😞 -- reply by Prasant Trivedi

Ya so what i am saying is life is short , so live it large 😎 we may die tomorrow -- reply by Anuj Chugh

Hmmmm.... -- reply by Prasant Trivedi

Deep reflection -- Comment by Prince Ibekwe

70. You don't need to be a martyr for your nation..for once you have a life..and dreams!

71. Being proud of your country does not mean supporting the wrong and the abysmal...

72. Those beautiful chapters of your life will be erased as you lose what you most loved.

73. The heart of a rebel is a mirror of the dark face of society..!

74. Helpless selfishness is less harmful than deliberate, planned selfishness..!

75. If you resurrect your innocence, the world will find it hard to accept you back..!! - Prasant Trivedi

They will call you a ch@£iya ! 😂 -- comment by Anuj Chugh are so eloquent in the most colloquial way possible! 😂😉 -- reply by Prasant Trivedi

Hahahaha 😂 and you are always making me look-up words in the dictionary ! - reply by Anuj Chugh

Hehe... yah Anuj Chugh i think in a way, we complement each other, thoughtwise, I believe 😉 -- Prasant Trivedi

76. The time between day and night is worth falling we unwind in the evening..!

77. Great stories are often written with saddest pen..!

78. If fatalism is true, there is no point in talking about Karma..!

79. If you allow your friend to be your good critic, your friendship will be stronger!

80. Our resolutions are often hindered by the lack of resources..!

81. Parenthood is a responsible business where investment is high..!

82. Nobody can confirm what exactly is the ideal way of life; life just is...

83. Flirt is the new word for urban romance..cuddles are almost obsolete!!

84. When Love gets into your bed, you practice anything but love..!

85. Affair happens because sometimes impulsive heart pumps more blood somewhere else..!!

86. Freedom and taboos are biggest enemies..when combined, they create a Utopia!

87. Nepotism can not be couched as 'reference' in Indian corporate world!

88. We only die because the role we were destined to play has lost its fans!

89. Sometimes I listen to my wants, sometimes needs..I ain't pristine saint!

90. Making adjustments to the changing time is the biggest challenge of our existence!

91. Poetry is a reflection of a hurt soul and a thinking heart!

92. Our biggest weakness is the inability to understand the desire of our inner animal!

93. In india: men's desire is masculinity..and women's desire is nymphomania?!

94. Terribly missing Miss 90's.. wish I could embrace her back!

95. If all our secret desires are openly revealed, all of us will be seen as perverts!

96. Intellectualism shares strongest bond with snobbery!

97. Realism: grudge is a feeling we develop even against a shitting ignorant bird!

98. At some point, we all have to admit that none of us can escape the course of sadism!!

99. Change is constant..but nobody wants their time to change!

100. We are what our situations make us..we are a manifestation of our circumstances!

101. Sometimes a small chapter in your life is enough to write a whole story..!

102. At times, there is no sheer praise, no perfect wisdom.. but a theory of relativity

103. Mistakes are meant to happen.. so you can't time-travel back to alter its course!!

104. The distance between reality and fantasy is called acceptance!

105. The amount of your ego can be measured by the time it takes for you to say sorry..!

106. The world does not exist as long as we are young adults..and then it just happens..

107. Seems like muscles and beards are gonna stay for a while..marks of urban masculinity!

108. God created us they a way, there is vice a versa!!

109. You can't be relatively happy..coz happiness is absolute!

110. maturity may help impress others.. but it is your inner child that makes you happy!

111. Lips ignite a play at passion..kiss is a passionate language of affection.!

112. love enters through your eyes..and is expressed best with your eyes..heart just beats

113. Strange! how we fight and create war in the name of something we never saw: God!!

114. Our mind seeks convenience always..we consider the extraordinary as just 'amazing'!!

115. Heart just reacts.. Your emotions are best felt in mind only!

116. love makes you feel good..but your life has more meanings than love! $¥€£

117. The death of body is not as costly as the death of thought process..and conscience..!

118. The feeling of shame has moral elements of courage and honesty..!!

119. The real substance lies between 'i think so' and 'i believe so'..!

120. Democratic freedom does not exist without a promise to offer quality of life!

-- All above quotes are by Prasant Trivedi unless otherwise stated

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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