The No-Nonsense Guide to Improve Your Life Right Now, Part III

By Anuj Chugh

Everyone and everything can change - for better or worse. No one studies history hence, can't learn from it and become bound to repeat it. People must at the very least, learn from their personal history. People ruin their lives by day-dreaming, wishing, living in illusion, believing stupid things, having stupid notions, being and acting lazy, wasting time away, being fearful and dumb, lying and deluding themselves and putting no effort to correct the above and hence, showing no signs of improvement.

If you don't have any courage, wits or guts to do the things you always wanted to do, you will only make yourself hopeless, depressed and frustrated. Stick to what you said to yourself that you will do. Do what you promised yourself at all costs, no matter what. No matter what the current situation is, or how it has changed. You said that you will do then, you shall do. The matter is settled and closed, now. Sad but sure truth is that, this is the only way, the disaster of your life can be corrected.

Be real. Tell yourself the truth and reality of everything, when you talk to yourself. And, act, respond & behave on it's basis. Never react. Reacting is mechanical, you are not a mechanical robot. Be more aware, be more conscious of your place in the society and the world, at large. When you react, you downplay yourself, more often than not. Try to gain information, knowledge and skills, which you don't have access to, yet. Then, you will by yourself tend to respond, be a king of your life and rule.

All the evil in your life feeds on your own negative energy. This would be one happy realisation even as you read this, and it dawns upon you. Evil feeds on your tension, anxiety, worry, fear, pain, discontent, petty-mindedness, unhappiness, loneliness, silent desperation and mental suffering. Do not have them, you feed evil through each one of them. Man bears this burden and becomes evil's victim, even when he could have easily chosen not to.

Try and be strong. Next time you go to a supermarket, rise above greedy consumerism by avoiding impulsive buying behaviors and the tempting desire caused by strategically placed materialistic attractions and visual displays. These attractions are futile and stupid as they garbage the entire planet. Make a list, be frugal and strike off items that are not really required, before shopping and buy only according to your list. Let's see how well you can take control of yourself and your budget. This seems like a small and unimportant step, but believe me it isn't so.

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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