Mystery of Existence and How to Solve it by Using Elements of Reason and Truth

By Anuj Chugh

The beginning of the universe is shrouded in mystery and as such, it cannot be conceived by limited conceptual thinking of human minds. If you consider, that the creation began at some point then, automatically the picture of the time frame of such event comes into play.

Humans were not even there to observe, as it were far beyond the event horizon. However, if you can date the origin of the universe, then what, if at all, pre-dates such origins ?

The answers containing the secrets of life, universe and everything are only to be found in the concept of zero and infinity.

We are finite beings, with our finite minds, having a finite existence. Our lifespans are limited and so, is the hope for unravelling the mysteries of existence, for an individual, in his / her limited lifetime. The only hope for one is to subscribe to the Hindu philosophy of perfecting oneself so as to evolve and grow spiritually, so as to further liberate one's Self from the bondage this world inevitably creates or results in.

Whether we face it or not, whether we accept it or not; we all live in our limited prisons, our very own self-limiting prisons of our minds, egos and our lives. No matter what good we gain, what good we experience; we, as humans, are never truly satisfied and are given to such endless cravings, until we reach our graves.

We want growth and progress in our personal lives, both for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to experience happiness and we hope continually for success, joys and fruits of material pursuits, which engages us and keeps us busy, before we realize that we are running out of time and that, the death is near.

Throughout our lives, our main quest is for happiness / bliss, that is ananda. We also are self-aware, aware of our existence, in fact we have to be as without it, there will be no conscious human experience of life and life would be like that of plants or animals only with their most basic instincts, so it is chitta. Every human being knows deep in their heart that truth is the prime force, which is the most powerful and to which all humans, good or otherwise, have to be subject to. Even the most evil person in the world knows that some day he / she will have to answer to the higher authority of 'Truth,' though they can easily fool the masses, or have already deceived them by controlling the media, rewriting the documents after having destroyed the originals and hence, not letting the truth slip away, at all costs. Hence, 'the truth' or sat.

God allows so much suffering in the world because God simply, does not care. Our lives and conditions of it, in this material world are entirely our own responsibility and our own business, which we have to mind, settle, learn from, experience, adjust or die, accordingly. You can, one can easily say, that 'There's no God,' but the true 'anatomy' of God is your own anatomy and the mechanisms of God, the way how God operates, is your own true mechanism. It is your own 'will,' if you choose to ignore it, or use it freely.

In a way each one is a victim to each's own stupidity, in that, Einstein was also sure about. If you are careless and drive recklessly, you will meet with an accident; there's nothing that God gotta do or can do anything about. You work your own miracles, during times of need, through the talents and powers of your own instrument cluster, i.e. mind, body and soul, which is 'Godly,' if not God-given. 'Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law.' But choose accordingly, with regards to all possible consequences of your actions, which you will have to inevitably face, at some point in the future, if not 'now' or 'sooner.'

The secret to happiness, success, well-being, fame and wealth is, 'to stop fighting with oneself,' and let your life flow in the natural path. Let your productivity, your time and your effort flow without any reservations, with all your creative juices and without you holding anything back. You suffer when you lie to yourself. In fact, you suffer the most. Do you want to live in the light of The Truth ? Or do you want to keep on struggling against yourself ? You gotta be and stay, sensible for your life to be good, in your life and throughout, for all practical purposes.

If you want your life to work out, you have to stop living your life like 'in a prison,' with your age-old negative-limited thinking. You gotta expand, you have to expand. Things you believe, now and the things you used to believe, then; are entirely different and so, are not true any more. You have to change according to the new situations. You have to adjust yourself to the needs and demands of the present.

It's easy to be lazy, to be stupid, and do nothing and hard to be and do, an exact opposite of all these things. Miracles do not happen, it takes work to get something worth having. It takes pain to get to that one moment of your life that really makes it worth 'the living', that which we all commonly call 'happiness.' Hard labour, work, effort, action and initiatives should be your focal points in life.

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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