Listen to Your Heart

By Anuj Chugh

I got this article from a Facebook share - author unknown...

Listen to your heart.

The heart is the first organ that forms in our bodies before we were anybody.

The heart has its own brain, called neural intelligence.

The energy signals that are transmitted from the heart to the brain is called coherence which, depending on how we feel, can affect us in either a positive or negative manner.

The heart’s magnetic field is more than 5,000 times stronger than the same magnetic field generated by the brain.

In other words, when you feel really happy, then this emotion creates a presence that can be detected by other people several feet away from you and this electrical field produced by the heart is 60 times greater than our brain’s electrical activity.

This is your central spark of divine light.

When we learn how to live within the heart, we immediately bypass all forms of ego and materialism and realise the only thing that can possibly exist is love.

It is through the heart that we learn truth, being the source of human wisdom where the divine speaks, considered to be the center of the soul and personality.

One universal or archetypal stage that people experience in the process of awakening the heart center is the experience of one's own energy as the energy of the universe.

When you allow yourself to feel this love, to be this love, then all is one.

My discussion with a fellow seeker, Priyanka Jay Patel on this article, on a Whats App group as follows :-

Wonderful read indeed...

Everything else mentioned in the article is right to my knowledge, other than one statement: heart is not the first organ formed. Could you please re-check and please correct me if I am wrong. Heart Math Institute of UK has the same opinion but modern science doesn't confirm this statement.

My response :-

Priyanka: Yes indeed. You may be right. But I don't really care to know whether the heart is the first organ or not in the context of what is being said or implied. Grasp the substance not the shadow. To expand this topic further and make it more useful, I think it is important for you and everyone to know this...

A single person living in the highest frequency of Krishna /God consciousness can raise the vibration of the entire planet singlehandedly and not only that, it can also repel the negativity of a vast multitude and restore balance.

She agreed!

Anuj Chugh
About the author:- A Teach For India alumnus, Anuj spent two years working in an underprivileged school in Pune, teaching 120 children from the 7th and 8th grade, developing his leadership skills. For 8 years before the fellowship, Anurag was involved in developing and debugging embedded software and hardware as part of various design teams. He is now CEO of Ergoptix Mediquip Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of Magnifying Loupes and LED Headlamps in India. Bringing awareness of developing the practice of maintaining the correct posture by using magnification at the very inception of the doctor’s dental and medical practice. Feel free to communicate with Anuj by email or via WhatsApp message at +91-9819912872. Read more about Anuj on his personal site.

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