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Abundance Healing

Welcome to Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave!

Abundance Healing is a simple course that will teach you how to heal consciously with lightning speed and manifest 'abundance' by invoking the Primal Healing Wave of the cosmos - the universal mother vibration of creation. Those who have taken this course are simply amazed at its healing power, effectiveness and speed of healing, and continue their Abundance Healing routine every day.

Abundance Healing brings relief to practitioners from chronic conditions and acute ailments, triggers much awaited positive transformations and elevates the experience of life within days or weeks of daily practice for just 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Sunetra is an awakened and ordained spiritual healer, counselor, teacher, channel, author and the founder of Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave. Sunetra attunes individuals to the Primal Wave, the fundamental cosmic vibration of creation, and teaches them how to access the Primal Wave with a simple and extremely potent practice so you can apply it for your internal and external/auric cleansing, energy rejuvenation, mental/emotional harmony, relief from stress and pain, and to initiate a phenomenally speedy healing of your diseases. She also teaches how this intense and fast cosmic healing wave can be channeled to heal others.

Order Your Abundance Healing from Sunetra...

The total fee for Abundance Healing is $30 (or equivalent in your local currency). Please make this payment through the secure transaction service, PayPal...

In addition, please Email Sunetra with your address and phone number. Please mention the name of the service and your present healing/attunement level if you have previous experience. Once you register for Abundance Healing you will receive an email from Sunetra about the healing.

Abundance Healing is natural and easy to learn. Once your attunement date and time are fixed, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to attune you to the Primal Wave. Thereafter, you will need to study the detailed course Manual that will be emailed to you right after you book the course. This will be followed by one on one, phone or Skype discussions with Sunetra, wherein she will answer all your questions and clarify your doubts with regard to the healing methods.

The fee for this course has been intentionally kept very nominal to ensure that everyone seeking relief from suffering and aspiring to learn this phenomenally fast and powerful natural healing system can easily afford it. Please email Sunetra for further details and to fix the best day for your attunement.

Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave was divinely gifted to Sunetra in response to her decade long intense longing for a quick and simple healing system that would meet the urgent healing needs of the present day and thus relieve people across the world from expensive and exhaustive treatmeants, procedures and their harmful side effects. Almost everyone is suffering, yet lengthy healing processes that cost an arm and a leg are often difficult or impossible to afford due to lack of time and money.

This is where Abundance Healing steps in...with its short and simple yet instantly effective processes that bring about relief in such a short time, this healing system can rightfully be called the most appropriate answer to global suffering... the ideal natural healing system for this day and age.

This course has no prerequisites, Sunetra teaches Abundance Healing to anyone who seeks empowerment, healing and urgent relief from pain, depression, stress, and difficult life situations, healing and empowering every chakra and cell in the seeker.

Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave works through quick sessions of 5 minutes to 15 minutes, depending upon which healing method one opts for.

The two ways to heal with it are - Abundance Healing and Abundance Meditation. Anyone with or without a healing background can effortlessly learn and apply both ways to initiate this intense healing process to cleanse and heal promptly.

Abundance Healing

Abundance Healing Teacher Course

Are you ready?
You are ready to elevate yourself to the higher intensity and responsibilities of the Abundance Healing Teacher Course if you have been an Abundance Healing Practitioner and have been practicing both methods... Abundance Healing and Abundance Meditation regularly to heal yourself as well as others for over six months. This time is necessary for your subtle energy channels to develop properly so as to make you capable of passing on attunement to others. So it is of crucial importance and in your best interests too that you attune others only after you have mastered both the healing processes, Abundance Healing and Abundance Meditation for healing yourself as well as others. Undertaking to attune others untimely could even disrupt your own healing process.

In this short powerful healing practice, patience and regularity pay off! Once you have reached the proper level of spiritual maturity you will not only be capable of but enjoy the attunement process!

This course includes a stronger attunement to the Primal Vibration and empowers you to attune others to so they too can thereafter access and heal themselves and others with the Primal Vibration. This course content is in the form of a PDF file that will be emailed to you once your payment confirmation is received. The attunement will be given to you at a fixed date and time.​ Please Email Sunetra mentioning your intention to move on to the Teacher Course and pay for it via PayPal below...

Learn how to pass on this attunement, and help illuminate many more lives! Experience the peace, fulfillment and spiritual evolution that being an Abundance Healer and Teacher naturally unfolds within you!

“Divine Grace speaks through us! ”

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