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Danya is an awakened Angel Healer/Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Numerologist, and the founder teacher of Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave. She has been a spiritual healing channel since 2000.

Danya teaches Angel Healing as a comprehensive course that connects students with the Angelic Realm through an initiation ceremony called 'attunement' and teaches them to access and heal with the gentle grace of the Angelic Healing Lights. Danya channels divine guidance and shares these spiritual gems with the world. Dwelling in divine vibrations, she provides spiritual guidance and Angelic Attunements.

Danya also teaches a powerful and fast natural healing method called Abundance Healing. Abundance Healing brings relief to practitioners from chronic and acute ailments within hours, days or weeks of daily practice for just 5 to 15 minutes once or twice a day. It also manifests much awaited positive transformations and elevates the experience of life. Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave can be learned and practiced by anyone irrespective of his or her background. Abundance Healing was gifted to Danya in a Divine Vision.

As an experienced Reiki Master Teacher, Danya attunes and trains to Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Danya is a passionate writer - author of White Light Meditation - and an ardent seeker of Truth.

Danya provides accurate Numerology solutions for names, homes and work places to manifest optimal abundance.

Danya shares her spiritual awareness and insight in her articles, published widely. She has been engaged in spiritual healing and training work with aspiring clients and students all across America as well as abroad. She teaches White Light Meditation for manifesting positivity both through her book and as a part of her Reiki courses.

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Here is an account of Danya's spiritual healing journey and offerings in her own words...

Hello, I'm Danya, a natural Angel Healing Channel/Teacher and a Reiki Master Teacher. I teach the very effective Angel Healing Course, Reiki Courses, and I offer a powerful fast healing course... Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave.

My Angel Healing Course and Attunement aligns you to the depths of the Angelic Realm. It enables you to heal with the sacred healing light of the Angels.

Abundance Healing attunes and teaches one to invoke the very fundamental cosmic wave of creation. Abundance Healing is a divine gift from the cosmos to match today's fast pace, for all those who need quick or urgent healing. It heals with lightening speed! Anyone can learn Abundance Healing and practice this healing system to heal oneself and others ... there are no pre-requisites to Abundance Healing.

I also teach White Light Meditation (WLM) that enables the practitioner to materialize his ideas in real life and manifest his aspirations by bringing positive changes, all this simply with a ten minute daily routine. My book... White Light Meditation ~ Manifest Your Dreams & Aspirations teaches how in simple easy-to-follow steps. White Light Meditation forms a part of my Reiki Second Degree Course. But anyone can read, follow, practice and benefit from it since White Light Meditation does not require a formal attunement.

Numerology is a very strong source of positive transforming energies that go very well with Abundance Healing, Angel Healing and Reiki to bring about the deep energy changes to enhance our experiences of life moment to moment.

Since the year 2000 I have been an advanced Reiki Channel.

Reiki came to me in response to my call for deep holistic healing. A 30-day healing course cured me of chronic cold, recurrent allergies & infections. After that I forgot my days of misery, enjoyed life and all the food/lifestyle that disease had deprived me of... I took my one life-changing step... I learned Reiki First Degree & Second Degree. I witnessed my cousin get healed within a week from excrutiating pain that even an endoscopy couldn't diagnose or relieve! My faith in Reiki grew stronger every day and my healing journey took off!

Serving as a Healing Channel, I have had the opportunity to enable unexpected healing and positive turnarounds in the lives of many clients and students from all across USA, as well as in Europe and Asia. In 2010, in response to a spiritual call I embraced Reiki teaching as a profession to spread the gift of this healing light to many others! I completed my Reiki Master Degree Course and launched my Reiki teaching practice in the USA in 2011. It has been an incredibly joyful experience to teach and attune students from all across USA and India ...to get to witness their awesome progress and positive turnarounds with a simple healing routine! ...Reiki is immensely rewarding!

I welcome you all to utilize the different modes of energy healing available through this website in the form of powerful Attunements, Training Courses, Healing Sessions, Numerology Solutions and Spiritual Counseling. It's all about healing you!

With abundant love and healing light!

Danya ~ in humble service since 2000

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