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Welcome to this personal development website and all that we have to offer. Founded by Peter Shepherd, the Trans4mind website has been online since 1997 and half a million people visit us each month. We're now introducing a version of the site specially for people of Indian nationality who understand English...

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To open up our minds to new ideas, new challenges and new solutions - to think differently and be creative - well, we could all do with some help in this direction. Trans4mind is dedicated to introducing the best available tools for transformation of body, mind and spirit - to free us of the shackles of the past by reawakening awareness of our true identity in the present. Insights and methods to overcome emotional challenges, acquire needed life skills, and move ahead on the spiritual path.

First thing, we recommend you subscribe to the free Inspiring Quotes of the Week newsletter, which keeps you in touch with the latest at Trans4mind and offers a set of inspiring quotes about a particular life challenge each week, with commentaries by Peter Shepherd.

The Raise Your Vibration resource is something Peter put together that is close to his heart. It's a free daily meditation program to help you make the state of unconditional love an integrated part of your life, which is key to lasting joy and fulfillment. Love is all you need!

Another particular interest of Peter is the afterlife dimension. What happens to us, as individuals, after our bodily death? Near-death experiences provide convincing answers. See Is There Life After Death?

“We need our past experience for the learning it offers; we don’t need it to cling on to regrets or blame - that changes nothing.
“We need our future to make plans; we don’t need it to worry about what might happen - that changes nothing.
“Like an artist creating a painting, we put our life together in the present moment.”
~ Peter Shepherd
White Light Meditation

White Light Meditation

Trans4mind is delighted to host Sunetra Basu's free book, White Light Meditation, which teaches a form of meditation that empowers your thoughts, stimulates analytical thinking, magnifies and expresses dormant capabilities, and attracts all necessary resources. It's powerful, short and simple and forms an integral part of many spiritual programs.

In addition, Trans4mind India features Sunetra's Spiritual Counseling and Numerology Solutions services, Reiki Training and Angelic Attunements, plus Abundance Healing with the 'Primal Wave.'

And in White Light Resources you'll find a beautiful selection of Sunetra's Articles and her Healing Chants & Messages videos.

Sunetra Basu is an Angel Healing Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, the Founder of Abundance Healing, a Spiritual Counselor, and an intuitive Numerologist. A healer since 2000, Sunetra is a naturally awakened Angel Channel as well. She teaches courses in Angel Healing, ​Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3, Abundance Healing and White Light Meditation. Abundance Healing with the Primal Wave is a powerful and fast natural healing system that Sunetra was gifted in a divine vision. It brings relief from chronic conditions and acute ailments, triggers transformations and elevates one's experience of life within weeks of daily self-healing for just 5 to 15 minutes a day. Sunetra heals, attunes and teaches her courses globally all over the USA, Europe, UK and India. Read her Client & Student Testimonials.

Daring to be Yourself Daring to be Yourself
The aim of Peter Shepherd's book is to help you achieve a 'wide-awake' state of consciousness, with integrated use of left and right brain abilities, forming the bedrock for breakthroughs in personal consciousness and spiritual insight. The practice is based on the premise that we have learned disabilities that set boundaries to our action and knowing. But no one need accept that they must remain as they were shaped by their hereditary body-mind and by the conditioning of their childhood and culture.

This 264-page eBook is a powerful program for personal growth. You can remove the barriers to self-knowledge and reveal your full potential with this step-by-step approach.

"I realize many people use praise in ways that sound frivolous...but I must tell you that your book has changed my life AND I mean that in all ways. I found the entire work wonderfully upbeat, readable and valuable! It really was quite a wakeup call. In the midst of my "trials and tribulations" I had failed to be "me." Anyway, this "talk with you" really did change my life. Thank you! I needed this kind of "kick in the pants." It worked. WOW! You made a huge difference in my world."–Becky, USA

You can obtain 'Daring to Be Yourself' in PDF format as a bonus for subscribing to Trans4mind's free weekly publication, Inspiring Quotes of the Week.

The following paid service is the foundation of the work we do here at Trans4mind. Five years in the making, the training presents the very best we know in a modern, interactive video format. It's a phenomenal program to transform your life!

Trans4mind Training Trans4mind Personal Development Training
Personal development isn't intended to "fix" you, it's purpose is to empower you, to help you reach your full potential, to finally be yourself, living your true purpose - fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous. And this is the reason we created our main training program...

Trans4mind Training is an audio-visual, interactive online experience that's interesting and fun to participate in. Rather than telling you what to think, the video workshops encourage you to learn from yourself and your own life. This personalized training empowers you to create action steps that deliver powerful real-world results across all of your life challenges. It's profoundly effective and the best thing you can do to transform your life. We recommend you first do the Free Life Assessment to discover which aspects of your life are most challenging for you and therefore which are your top-priority workshops to do.

Learn more and do your Free Life Assessment...

World of Inspiration World of Inspiration
The World of Inspiration eLibrary is an astonishing resource with thousands of quality personal development ebooks, audios, websites and full-length books - many made specially available just for this library. Many resources from the Indian masters are included. Plus psychology, philosophy, esoteric, you name it. Everyone who knows this resource is amazed at the breadth and depth of content. Access to the eLibrary is just $15.
Mind Development Mind Development
Our sister site, Mind Development Courses, offers courses to help individuals achieve their potential mental capacity, opening up the pathways of left-right brain communication, and teaching methods to perceive, communicate, concentrate, read and remember effectively. The Study course is free.

Trans4mind has been offering a wide range of personal development Tools for Transformation for many years. Our vision is to make the human heart visible in community world-wide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet... to learn more about our plans watch the video: What is Trans4mind?

This Trans4mind India website is at the beginning of its development, with some of its resources linking back to Trans4mind.com. I'd like much more of the content to be originated by Indian writers and hosted here at Trans4mind India. Therefore, if you are interested in freely contributing new materials to this Indian version of Trans4mind, please contact Peter here.

Sunetra will provide translation support (Hindi) for Indian contributors - please contact her.

Anjali will provide translation support (Sinhalese) for Sri Lankan contributors - please contact her.

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